Offline Co-Learning Spaces

Physical spaces for peer-learning and collaboration

Who Is This For?

  • People who are genuinely passionate about tech, who get excited about learning new skills, building, solving and discussing problems in latest tech.
  • Graduates who are struggling to get a job, who want to build their expertise in modern technologies and are willing to invest a significant amount of their time self-learning
  • Students who are willing to learn outside of their college curriculum, would like to become professional developers down the line and get exposure to the real world
  • Experienced developers, who want to interact with other developers, contribute to open source, expand their horizons and learn new technologies.
  • Professionals from non-tech background, who want to get started with tech or switch their careers.

Activites and Schedule

We will help you pick a technology and provide you with learning guides to learn and build something on a daily basis.

You will engage in daily code review and pair programming exercises with other members.
We will have an Open Source Evening, where everyone will be encouraged to find open source projects and contribute to them.
We will have a casual coding competition, where members will participate to solve coding challenges together.
We will have casual hackathons, where everyone will participate to build a project, big or small.
In the evening, we will screen a tech-related documentary, movie or TV show.
Members will present their work i.e. projects or new topics they have made or learned in the past week


Rs.50 / hour (for < 3 hours)

Rs.30 / hour (for > 3 hours)


InnovationHQ, Banjara Hills,
Hyderbad, India