Tips for Playing and Winning Keno

You buy a Keno lottery ticket, which has a number on it, and you hope that number matches one of the ones that the ping-pong ball machine spits out.

Unfortunately it is also like the state lottery in that the odds are really terrible. The casino’s largest house edge, at 25% or more, may be found in the Keno lottery.

The version of Keno frequently referred to as Nevada keno or ‘race horse’ is the basic lottery played in casinos today. Over time, a variety of keno lottery strategies have been developed. There are six primary strategies for playing the Keno lottery: straight, split, way, combination, king, and special tickets.

The most frequent type of keno lottery ticket is a “straight ticket,” the most basic ticket type.

Put your numbers down and hold your breath till the big day. First, pick how many positions you wish to play. Most keno establishments let you pick anywhere from 1-15 numbers, while some let you pick 20, 32, or even 40 on a single ticket.

Playing between four and eight numbers is recommended. Payouts for fewer than four positions are usually not worth the average 30% house edge. The odds of winning with eight numbers are around 230,115 to one. The odds increase to 1.38 million to one at nine locations, and to 428,010,179,098 to 1 (that’s 428 BILLION to 1) at fifteen spots.

The amount of money to wager is the second and last choice to be made. Some one-way tickets may be found for as little as seventy cents. Bets can be placed at any multiple of the initial rate, too. Playing a $1 game for $5 will result in a payment equal to five times the dollar payout rate.

It’s important to remember that no matter how many times the base rate you bet,

the casino will never pay out more than the aggregate maximum on any given game. If the total payout cap is $50,000 USD, then the most you can win is $50,000 USD, regardless of how much you wager.

A keno lottery split ticket is a ticket that has two or more individual straight bets on the same piece of paper. Numbers are either separated by a line or circled on each logical ticket. Each game or set of numbers must have its own, separate set of numbers; no two sets may use the same set of numbers. A split ticket’s only benefit is that it allows you to play two or more games on the same piece of paper, but that’s about it. The split ticket disadvantage is that you can’t use the same number more than once.

Although purchasing Keno lottery method tickets might be a hassle, there are two benefits to doing so. For starters, some patrons find it more convenient to mark a number of different games on a single ticket. The second benefit is that you may play for as little as 10 cents each way as opposed to the standard $1 per way on a straight ticket at some casinos.






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